Ensuring Choice, Access, and Independence

It's time to to bring an Independent Provider model to Rhode Island.

The Independent Provider model is working in states around the country, including Massachusetts, where it is helping families access the care they need, improving jobs in the home care industry, and saving money in state budgets. 

For Families

The Independent Provider model sets up an accessible registry for home care that allows families to easily understand their choices for long-term care and choose the option that is right for them. Families can also choose the home care aide they would like to work with, rather than having a third-party decide who will staff them. 

For Home Care Workers

Home care workers joining the registry would need additional training, but they would also receive higher wages. Today, many home care jobs pay minimum wage, or close to minimum wage. As a result, it is difficult to keep kind and caring individuals in this difficult but important line of work. Raising the standards and compensation for these jobs would reduce turn-over in the field and improve the overall quality of care.


A Cost Saving Approach

The bill would expand access to home care for Medicaid recipients. The great majority of seniors want to continue living in their own homes and communities, even when they need some assistance. Allowing more Rhode Islanders to do so, isn’t just helpful for them, it also is a cost saver for the state. Home care is less expensive than 24 hour skilled nursing facilities, and allowing more Rhode Islanders to choose home care, saves money.

You can help us improve access to reliable home care today. Sign the petition or share your story about long term care on our 2 minute survey.

You can read more about the legislation here, on the Rhode Island General Assembly Website. Senator Maryellen Goodwin is the sponsor in the Senate of bill S2734 and Representative Chris Blazejewski is the House sponsor of H7803.